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I have already been to several places in England. The places I visited are London, Newcastle, Canterbury and Manchester. Now, VisitBritain invited me to discover a new part of England: I travelled to BRISTOL! I am going to show you 4 places I liked the most and the amazing place where I stayed during my visit! 🤗


College Green is a small park located in the centre of the city, I would say it is more just a meadow surrounded by beautiful buildings. Like this one up here. It’s the Bristol City Council. What I like about this building is that it has a lovely regular façade and there is also kind of a pond in front of it which creates a beautiful reflection! ☺️ It is also charming because it is not a straight building as official like these are; it is sort of round!

Right next to this wonderful building is Bristol Cathedral. It’s just on the opposite side of College Green. It reminds me a lot of Notre Dame in Paris. The towers really look quite the same, don’t you think? Bristol Cathedral was founded in 1140, so it is reaaally old. The building itself is characteristically known for its material with which it was built of: the Bath Stone. 🤓 When you are not from this part of England, you are surely wondering what this about. Well, Bath is a town close to Bristol as you may know. The Bath Stone was particularly used in South West England, so the region of Bristol and Bath, and it is defined as a chalkstone which has little mineral bubbles if you have a closer look. If you are in geology or archeology this would be your thing, right? 😂 Back to the photos. As the little pond in front of Bristol City Council is just next to Bristol Cathedral as well, you can also use this for wonderful reflections of the church. 👀


If you want to enjoy a view over Bristol, then Cabot Tower will the best choice! You will find it on Brandon Hill (the park is super calm, but very steep as well 😂). The entrance is for free and you can see kind of everything from up there. For example you’ll be able to see parts of the University of Bristol Law School, Christ Church Clifton, Bristol Cathedral, the Suspension Bridge and much more! By the way, I met a little friend at the entrance of Cabot Tower. 🤗🐿


You are looking for colorful houses in Bristol? Go to this street, Redcliffe’s Parade is wonderful residential street with many colourful façades which remind you of Notting Hill. A must for every Instagrammer in town! 🤓🌈


If I had to choose to live in one neighbourhood in Bristol, then it would definitely be Clifton. It is like a village and also there you have many many colorful streets.You really have the Notting Hill feeling here! The streets are really steep but this didn’t stop me to discover the entire village by foot. Actually I took the bus once, and that was from the train station to my accommodation  (read below to know where I slept 😉). Here are some impressions of Clifton Village for you:

Located in Clifton, you can find one of Bristol’s most known landmarks: the Suspension Bridge. From the Clifton Observatory you have the best view on the bridge! 😄 The bridge is 412m (450 yards) long and 75m (82 yards) above the ground! If you want to cross the bridge, it is mandatory to pay £1. Every year 4 million (!) vehicles take the road across the bridge! The river underneath is called Avon for everyone who was interested. 😛


In my opinion one of the most insta-worthy places in Bristol. The Christmas Steps really give you the Diagon Alley vibe (a little bit 😉). It is not so far away from Bristol Cathedral and College Green.😊


I stayed for two nights in Bristol, to be more exact at Beech House. Their concept is about luxury, boutique serviced apartments. I really liked the fact that I had a little flat for me, with a kitchen, bathroom, a really comfy bed and very nice living room. I really liked the big windows in my room. Zee, the receptionist gave me the chance to visit other rooms as well, since every room/apartment is designed differently. Some have more light coming into and others are more traditional. I can really recommend staying there! In the morning I had tea and porridge and everything was provided by Beech House. Thank you so much for this very warm welcome! ☺️ 

You can check out the accommodation right here:


6 St Paul’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1LT, United Kingdom

DISCLAIMER: Thank you really much to VisitBritain and Visit Bristol (Advertisement*) for making this trip possible! Thank you Beech House Bristol for their kind hospitality!  But I would like to mention here that I wrote this article on my own and all opinions remain my own.Bildergebnis für visitbristol logo Bildergebnis für visitbritain

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