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20 Places to discover when in New York City (PART 1)

New York, New York! The city that never sleeps or Big Apple. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to New York City with my family last June. 😊  Since I was quite impressed by this city, I wanted to show you 20 (!) places you need to visit when you are there! Enjoy! 🤓

Times Square

There is one place where you definitely need to go to when you are in New York City: Times Square! With all its bright ads on every building illuminating day and night, you’ll never feel alone there! 😅 It is often crowded, especially during the day and in the evening. Since our hotel was just a two minute walk away from Times Square, we went there at 8AM and it was EMPTY, so for pictures without tourists, you need to get up early 😅 Though you won’t be able to climb up the famous red stairs (bleacher seats, see on the photo) to have an overview of Times Square. You can access the stairs around 1o AM. Be aware of pick pockets here!

② Rockefeller Center

You may have heard of Rockefeller Center because of Top of the Rock, one of the best views over Manhattan. But did you know that NBC’s productions like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live are actually filmed in that building?! Right in the center of New York City! Rockefeller Center consists out of 20 buildings, 19 of them are skyscrapers. If you think of visiting Top of the Rock, book your tickets in advance. Unfortunately there is no guarantee for sunset, but if you want to go up for sunset, I recommend booking the tickets for a time slot BEFORE sunset, which turns out to be cheaper than the ticket price + additional sunset fee (10$ per person). You can stay how much you want up there when got to the observatory. Here are some views you can get from the top of Rockefeller Center:

③ St Patrick’s Cathedral

When you compare American cities to European cities, you will find fewer churches in the skylines of the cities in America. But there is one famous church in New York City that you can’t miss: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It is located on 5th Avenue and not very far from Rockefeller Center, basically just across the road! 😊 For me it really represents the Roman Catholic tradition in New York City. It is the largest Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in the U.S..

④ Bustour to Uptown (Upper West Side & Harlem)

While we were in New York, we had a Hop-on-Hop-off ticket for the tourist busses that take you around New York City (mostly Manhattan, we booked went on the TOP VIEW busses *this is not offered nor sponsored*). We wanted to discover the Northern part of Manhattan, so the bus took us to Harlem via the Upper West Side along Central Park passing by at Columbia University, the college where former President Barack Obama graduated, did you know that? 🤓 We passed by many beautiful buildings and corners. In Harlem, the bus stop was right across the Apollo Theater, a very famous place where you can listen to music like Jazz, Blues or Soul. The name of the neighborhood Harlem comes from the Dutch pilgrims who named it after the Dutch town Haarlem. 

⑤ Grand Central Station

You have seen it in movies or series like Gossip Girl or Madagascar: Grand Central Station is one of the most beautiful and architectural most impressive train stations I have ever seen! There is even an Apple Store right in the middle of the train station, you just go up some stairs and you’re right IN the store! 😂 On the photo up here, the Apple Store is right behind me, in case you want to shop some new stuff there! 😅 Grand Central Station is just a few blocks away from the Chrysler Building, in my opinion the prettiest skyscraper in New York. Read the next paragraph to learn more about it. 🤗

⑥ Tudor City & Chrysler Building

About a ten minute walk again from Grand Central Terminal, you’ll arrive to Tudor City Bridge from where you have this iconic view of 42nd street and the Chrysler Building. It really is an instagrammable place 🤗 Did you know that the Chrysler Building once was the highest building in the entire world?! Though only for 11 months, then the Empire State Building took over the list as #1. However, the Chrysler Building remains the highest brick building in New York City! And it has more than 3,800 windows! 😅

⑦ Central Park

Now let’s head into nature! This is really possible in NYC, let’s go to Central Park, the city’s lung. 🤓 Central Park is extremely big: it is located between Fifth and Eight Avenue and it is running from 59th to 110th Street, what makes it 4 kilometers long and 800 meters broad! The place you see up here on the picture is at The Lake. In the background you can see a part of the skyscrapers in Midtown. Did you know that Central Park has over 42 million visitors every year? This is crazy right?! But who wouldn’t like to relax in such a great space right in the middle of the city? A very instagrammable spot with the view on some skyscrapers is Umpire Rock. You can find it at the level of 62nd Street and 7th Avenue, or just have a look at Google Maps, you’ll find it quickly!

⑧ Museums (Guggenheim Museum & MET)

There are many museums on 5th Avenue along Central Park. The most famous ones are the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of the City of New York, the Neue Galerie and many more. While we were in New York, we only visited one museum: the Guggenheim Museum. I was really keen on visiting this museum because of its architecture! When you get in you immediately see this round architecture. The idea behind this is that you start at the top of the museum and you slowly walk down the galleries until the end which is on ground floor. 😊  The art you can find there is mostly abstract art, which can be quite fun to have a look at. 🤗

And if you want to visit the biggest art museum of the United States, „the American Louvre“, you will have to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which you maybe know from the famous MET Gala. For all Gossip Girl fans, you’ll maybe recognize the stairs 😛 My sister Flavie had to go there for some pics! ☺️ The Metropolitan Museum was the third most visited art museum in 2018 with over 6,9 million visitors, just behind the Louvre in Paris and the National Museum of China in Beijing.

⑨ Brooklyn by the River

You always think of skyscrapers in the first place when you think of New York. Though one of the biggest boroughs is Brooklyn, and did you know that if Brooklyn was an independent city, it would be the third biggest in the U.S.? When I heard that I was really surprised! 😮 You can get to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge by foot. I really recommend this because even though it might get really crowded during the day, you can stop at anytime for beautiful photos of Manhattan or the bridge itself.

If you are on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, I recommend going to DUMBO (stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It’s a very instagrammable spot, because if you look closely, you will see the Empire State Building between the Manhattan Bridge.

You can get the best views from Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is just around Brooklyn Bridge. It’s perfect for a walk, skating or just relaxing on the benches. This spot up here is very known on Instagram 😄 Click here to find it on Google Maps.

In the end, I would especially thank the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center for welcoming us at their place before our flight to New York at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. The hotel is so conveniently located right next to the Terminal 1, with a walking distance of only 5 minutes. As our flight was scheduled at 11AM, we had enough time to have a lovely breakfast 😛🤗 We will surely come back! (*invited)

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