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Beautiful Bristol Places

I have already been to several places in England. The places I visited are London, Newcastle, Canterbury and Manchester. Now, VisitBritain invited me to discover a new part of England: I travelled to BRISTOL! I am going to show you 4 places I liked the most and the amazing place where I stayed during my visit! 🤗


College Green is a small park located in the centre of the city, I would say it is more just a meadow surrounded by beautiful buildings. Like this one up here. It’s the Bristol City Council. What I like about this building is that it has a lovely regular façade and there is also kind of a pond in front of it which creates a beautiful reflection! ☺️ It is also charming because it is not a straight building as official like these are; it is sort of round!

Right next to this wonderful building is Bristol Cathedral. It’s just on the opposite side of College Green. It reminds me a lot of Notre Dame in Paris. The towers really look quite the same, don’t you think? Bristol Cathedral was founded in 1140, so it is reaaally old. The building itself is characteristically known for its material with which it was built of: the Bath Stone. 🤓 When you are not from this part of England, you are surely wondering what this about. Well, Bath is a town close to Bristol as you may know. The Bath Stone was particularly used in South West England, so the region of Bristol and Bath, and it is defined as a chalkstone which has little mineral bubbles if you have a closer look. If you are in geology or archeology this would be your thing, right? 😂 Back to the photos. As the little pond in front of Bristol City Council is just next to Bristol Cathedral as well, you can also use this for wonderful reflections of the church. 👀


If you want to enjoy a view over Bristol, then Cabot Tower will the best choice! You will find it on Brandon Hill (the park is super calm, but very steep as well 😂). The entrance is for free and you can see kind of everything from up there. For example you’ll be able to see parts of the University of Bristol Law School, Christ Church Clifton, Bristol Cathedral, the Suspension Bridge and much more! By the way, I met a little friend at the entrance of Cabot Tower. 🤗🐿


You are looking for colorful houses in Bristol? Go to this street, Redcliffe’s Parade is wonderful residential street with many colourful façades which remind you of Notting Hill. A must for every Instagrammer in town! 🤓🌈


If I had to choose to live in one neighbourhood in Bristol, then it would definitely be Clifton. It is like a village and also there you have many many colorful streets.You really have the Notting Hill feeling here! The streets are really steep but this didn’t stop me to discover the entire village by foot. Actually I took the bus once, and that was from the train station to my accommodation  (read below to know where I slept 😉). Here are some impressions of Clifton Village for you:

Located in Clifton, you can find one of Bristol’s most known landmarks: the Suspension Bridge. From the Clifton Observatory you have the best view on the bridge! 😄 The bridge is 412m (450 yards) long and 75m (82 yards) above the ground! If you want to cross the bridge, it is mandatory to pay £1. Every year 4 million (!) vehicles take the road across the bridge! The river underneath is called Avon for everyone who was interested. 😛


In my opinion one of the most insta-worthy places in Bristol. The Christmas Steps really give you the Diagon Alley vibe (a little bit 😉). It is not so far away from Bristol Cathedral and College Green.😊


I stayed for two nights in Bristol, to be more exact at Beech House. Their concept is about luxury, boutique serviced apartments. I really liked the fact that I had a little flat for me, with a kitchen, bathroom, a really comfy bed and very nice living room. I really liked the big windows in my room. Zee, the receptionist gave me the chance to visit other rooms as well, since every room/apartment is designed differently. Some have more light coming into and others are more traditional. I can really recommend staying there! In the morning I had tea and porridge and everything was provided by Beech House. Thank you so much for this very warm welcome! ☺️ 

You can check out the accommodation right here:


6 St Paul’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1LT, United Kingdom

DISCLAIMER: Thank you really much to VisitBritain and Visit Bristol (Advertisement*) for making this trip possible! Thank you Beech House Bristol for their kind hospitality!  But I would like to mention here that I wrote this article on my own and all opinions remain my own.Bildergebnis für visitbristol logo Bildergebnis für visitbritain

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5 things you need to see in Newcastle upon Tyne

Last October, I got invited by VisitBritain to join my very first group press trip! My journey started in Amsterdam, and from there we travelled all the way over to Newcastle Upon Tyne on board of the DFDS Princess Seaways. Let me tell you all the story around around this magnificent trip to the UK!

As I just mentioned, everything started in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam to be more precise. I arrived at Schiphol by plane from Germany and after a short walk around the city I jumped on the shuttle bus which took me to the ship terminal in IJmuiden. The ferry we took was operated by DFDS, one of the leading ferry companies which allows you to travel from one side to another across the Northern and the Baltic Sea such as the Channel. Around 4 PM I then arrived at the terminal. At 5.30 PM, we left the Netherlands and were off to the sea! It was the first for me to stay on a ferry overnight. We stayed in the Commodore Cabin, the Premium category of rooms.

After the check-in we got a tour of the ship and we also had the chance to see a little „behind the scenes“ of all what is happening on the journey to Newcastle. From the kitchen to the navigation bridge, it was really interesting to see how many people actually work on such journey which not even is longer than 24 hours!









Next morning, we had breakfast in the on board bistro called NORTH SEA and around 9AM we arrived at Newcastle. There is a shuttle bus who took us to Newcastle Central Station. From there we walked a bit to our hotel (Motel One Newcastle) and we got some first impressions of the city. After the check-in at the hotel, we met up for lunch at Yolo Townhouse, a lovely restaurant just in front of our hotel! Super tasty and not so expensive.






After lunch we met our guide for the day who showed us around in Newcastle. Here are the 5 places I liked best from the visit and Newcastle!


In the historic heart of Newcastle, Grainger Town, you will easily find the Grainger Market, a covered market built in the 19th century. It is divided  in two parts, one is a vegetable market and the other part is meat market. The market is not used anymore in the same way as it used to be. However you can still go grocery shopping in this market. 😊 If you would like to shop something else, why not having a look at Marks&Spencer’s probably smallest shop worldwide? 😅 The market stall has the name of Marks
and Spencer’s Original Penny Bazaar. Moreover we learned that people used to come to the market to weigh their products and even themselves at the General Weigh House, because the weighing scale was the most correct in town. Even today many locals come to Grainger Market to get weighed.


Right next to Grainger Market is the Central Arcade. This beautiful passage was built in the 19th century by Richard Grainger (yes the name sounds familiar 😄) in an Edwardian style. The actual arcade was finished in 1906. A very instagrammable place, add this place to your lists of spots whenever you are in Newcastle!

Only a few steps from the Central Arcade is Grey’s Monument. On the column stands the former Prime Minister of the UK, Charles Grey. Funfact: the Earl Grey tea is called after him. 😉 It is a great location for shopping by the way. If you go down Blackett Street, you’ll arrive to a big shopping centre! And if you wish to take some great photos from the monument from above, then you can go up to The Botanist a very cool bar just in front of the Monument!




Newcastle’s official name is Newcastle upon Tyne (name of the main river in the city). There are in total 7 bridges crossing River Tyne, but there are two that I really liked. The first one is Tyne Bridge, which reminds you a bit of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, though the one in Newcastle was built first. The construction period ended in 1928, four years before Sydney. Did you know that it is ranked in the top ten of the highest structures in the city? We even saw some people on a ropeway up from the bridge to the banks! How cool is that? 😄

The other bridge is a bit more special in my opinion. The Millennium Bridge is the only pedestrian bridge in the world that is curved! Yes, that’s right! You walk a tiny bow before you arrive on the other bank 😉 The other highlight of this bridge is that it can lift the walking part, so when a taller ship would like to pass, the pedestrians are alerted that the bridge will „open up“. The movement resembles a bit to one of a moving eye 👁 . I saw it with my own eyes and I was really cool to be honest 😄!


Blackfriars and Chinatown are located very closely to each other, this is why I put them together in one category. Though they are two totally different „attractions“ with different stories. Blackfriars is a restored monastery from the 13th century. It is a really calm place compared to other parts of the city. This house on the left-hand-side up here may be the oldest restaurant in the United Kingdom because already back in time the monks used to eat there! 🤓🇬🇧

The district of Chinatown is relatively small compared to the other four Chinatowns existing in the UK (Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London). Apart from the entrance arch, everything can be found on Stowell Street. The interesting part is that this street used to belong to the Blackfriars monastery. The arch was built in 2004, and the two lions are facing St. James’s Park, the football stadium of Newcastle. 😉⚽️


This was not on our visit itinerary, though I found this place through Instagram and I definitely needed to go there! I simply love libraries, they are so pretty! The Lit&Phil is located close to the Central Station of Newcastle and is a historical library. It is the biggest independent library outside of London! 🤓 You can still lend books, if you are a member, and you can meet up with your friends for a chat or a game of chess 😄 I really loved the atmosphere inside there. The visit is free, but you should ask if you can take photos. For us it was no problem, so here are some shots from this beautiful gem in Newcastle!








In the end I would like to mention with whom I have been on this trip together. Here is the list of bloggers that you can check out:

Claudia for

Laura from

Mila from

Christian from

And check out Ali on Instagram! –> @vanguardvoyager

DISCLAIMER: Thank you really much to VisitBritain  (Advertisement*) for making this trip possible! Thank you DFDS and MOTEL ONE Newcastle for their kind hospitality!  But I would like to mention here that I wrote this article on my own and all opinions remain my own.

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Travel United Kingdom

WE ♥︎ MCR: Manchester in 2 days

EN | When you think of a big British city, you surely automatically think of London. I would like that this changes because Britain has more than just London. Early October I traveled to Manchester in North-West England thanks to VisitManchester who supported me organising this trip. ☺️ Manchester may be smaller than the British capital but is also charming, however, in it’s own way. As you may know Manchester is known to be the first industrial city in the world (!), this is why you find many brick buildings in the city. Come with me and discover the city of Manchester through my eyes.

FR | Quand on pense à une grande ville britannique, on pense souvent directement à Londres. Je voudrais que ceci change parce que la Grande-Bretagne est beaucoup plus que simplement Londres. Début octobre dernier j’étais à Manchester grâce à VisitManchester qui m’ont aider à organiser ce voyage. ☺️ Manchester est peut-être moins grand que la capitale britannique mais toutes les deux villes sont charmantes à leur façon. Comme vous savez peut-être Manchester est connue d’être la première ville industrielle au monde (!), c’est pour cette raison-là qu’on trouve beaucoup de bâtiments en briques au centre de la ville. Venez et découvrez la ville de Manchester à travers mes yeux.


EN | Let me introduce you to this wonderful hotel located right in the middle of Manchester, at St Peter’s Square, right next to the Central Library. The Midland was opened back in 1903, so it is over one hundred years old! The hotel is build in a Edwardian Baroque style and this red façade is simply stunning. When you are inside you really have the feeling to be back in time. A fun fact about this hotel is that the first vehicle of Rolls-Royce was presented in the Midland Hotel in 1904 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. 🤓

FR | Je vous présente ce magnifique hôtel situé au cœur de Manchester, Place Saint-Pierre, directement à côté de la Central Library. The Midland a ouvert ses portes en 1903, alors il y a plus de 100 ans! L’hôtel est construit  en style baroque édouardien et sa façade rouge est simplement fascinante. Quand on se trouve à l’intérieur on a vraiment l’impression de reculer dans le temps. Une petite anecdote sympa: C’est au Midland Hotel que Monsieur Charles Rolls et Henry Royce ont présenté leur premier véhicule en 1904. 🤓


🚃 St Peter’s Square (Metrolink line/ligne 1,2,3,6,7 )

🚍 Oxford St/St Peter’s Square (Metroshuttle lines/lignes 1 & 2)

EN | To explore Manchester, VisitManchester kindly organized a walking-tour ticket for me, so I had the pleasure to join a city walking tour by the guide Jonathan from Manchester Sightseeing. We met at 11AM in front of the Central Library, which was just in front of my hotel 😉 Our first stop was inside the Central Library. The architecture reminds me a bit of the Pantheon in Rome with its rotunda structure. After a 4-year-renovation the library reopened in 2014 and everyone can get in for free and discover over 110,000 items in this iconic place.

FR | Pour mieux découvrir Manchester, VisitManchester m’a organisé un ticket pour une visite guidée à travers la ville avec le guide Jonathan de Manchester Sightseeing. La visite a commencé à 11 heures juste en face de mon hôtel, devant la bibliothèque centrale de Manchester, la Central Library. Notre premier endroit que nous avons découvert était la bibliothèque vue de l’intérieur. L’architecture du bâtiment me rappelle un peu de celle du Panthéon à Rome, vous ne trouvez pas? 😉 Après une rénovation de 4 ans, la bibliothèque a rouvert ses portes à tout le monde gratuitement (!) et on y peut découvrir plus de 110,000 d’œuvres littéraires et plein d’autres choses!

EN | Few steps away from the Central Library is located one of Manchester’s most famous landmarks: the Manchester Town Hall. Completed in 1877 it is known to be one of the best interpretations of the Gothic revival architecture in the world. You might have thought at first sight that the clock tower of the Town Hall could be the Elizabeth Tower of the Houses of Parliaments in London, but it is not. 🤓 However the Town Hall was used as a „substitute“ to the Houses of Parliaments in London during the  shooting of the Academy-Award-winnig film „Darkest Hour (2017) showcasing Britain’s situation in 1940 during WWII with the focus on Winston Churchill. The real HoP were used at the same time by the MPs, so the shooting was relocated to Manchester. Funny, right? 😅 Currently the Town Hall is closed for renovation, but it surely going to open soon again!

FR | A quelques pas de la Central Library est situé l’Hôtel de Ville de Manchester, le Town Hall, un des sites touristiques les plus connus de la ville. Terminé en 1877 on le considère comme une des interpretations les plus réussites de l’architecture néo-gothique. Peut-être vous avez cru au premier regard que il s’agit du fameux Big Ben de Londres, mais ce clocher-là est celui de l’Hôtel de Ville de Manchester. 🤓 Pourtant le Town Hall a servi comme remplacement pour le parlement, qui se trouve à Londres, pendant le tournage du film „Les Heures sombres“ (2017, gagnant d’un Oscar) montrant la situation du Royaume-Uni en 1940 pendant la deuxième guerre mondiale et au premier plan le rôle du Premier ministre Winston Churchill. Le vrai parlement n’avait pas pu être utilisé pour le tournage car on en avait besoin pour la politique actuelle. Intéressant, n’est-ce pas? 😅 En ce moment l’Hôtel de Ville est fermé pour le public, mais il rouvra sûrement bientôt!

EN | Passing by the St. Ann’s Church, we moved on to one of the places I was most looking forward to. 😍 One of the two famous libraries is the Central Library and the other one is the John Rylands Library! When you get in the Library you really feel like being in Hogwarts and you suddenly expect all the stairs start to move 😅 It is definitely one of my favorite places in Manchester. Just look at this perfect architecture! The John Rylands was founded by  Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband John Rylands, who was an English entrepreneur and philanthropist in the 19th century. Fun fact, he was one of Manchester’s first multi-millionaires. 😅 Anyway, the library opened to the public in 1900. Today it is part of the University of Manchester library.

FR | En passant par l’église Sainte-Anne, j’avais tellement hâte de découvrir notre prochain endroit. 😍 Une des deux fameuses bibliothèques est la Central Library et l’autre, c’est la John Rylands Library! Quand on y entre, on a vraiment l’impression de se retrouver dans Hogwarts et que les éscaliers peuvent bouger à tout moment! 😅 C’est definitivement un de mes endroits préférés à Manchester. Simplement grâce à cette architecture ravissante! La bibliothèque John Rylands a été créée par Enriqueta Augustina Rylands en souvenir de son mari John Rylands, un grand entrepreneur et philanthropist anglais au XIXe siècle. Petite curiosité: Rylands était un des premiers multi-millionaires de Manchester. 😅 La bibliothèque est ouverte au public depuis 1900. Aujourd’hui elle fait partie de la bibliothèque de l’Université de Manchester.


🚍 John Rylands Library (Metroshuttle lines/lignes 1/2)

EN | After the lovely visit I met up with Daniel Norton from Marketing Manchester for lunch! He took me to a place called Mackie Mayor which is known as a Manchester icon. The building was in disrepair for decades, however, it was brought back to life by the team behind the Altrincham Market and it reopened in October 2017. Today you can enjoy some fantastic new food and  drinks in a wonderful atmosphere. You can choose between many different „categories“ like fish, pizza, meat and many more! I ate an Avocado Toast and it was so tasty! 😍🥑

FR | Après cette merveilleuse visite à pied, j’ai rencontré Daniel Norton de Marketing Manchester pour déjeuner. Il m’a emmené dans un endroit qui s’appelle Mackie Mayor. Ce bâtiment était vide pendant des années, jusqu’au moment que l’équipe du  Altrincham Market  l’a rénové et à rouvert cet endroit en Octobre 2017. On y peut découvrir plein de plats délicieux comme par exemple de poisson, de pizza ou aussi de viande. J’ai mangé un Avocado Toast et je me suis régalé! 😍🥑


1 Eagle St, Manchester M4 5BU

🚍 New Cross & Mayes St

EN | After our lunch at Mackie Mayor, Daniel and I went for a walk around the Northern Quarter, the hipster part of Manchester. Daniel showed me what this neighborhood is famous for: grafitti. You see them everywhere and many of them are really impressive!


My favourite out of these three is the one with the bees and the honey heart with MCR (abbreviation for Manchester). It is a memorial to the victims who died at the concert attack back in May 2017 😔 Each bee (symbol of Manchester)  represents one of the victims… 🐝

FR | Après notre déjuener chez Mackie Mayor, Daniel et moi, nous nous sommes promenés dans le quartier de Northern Quarter, la partie branchée de Manchester. Daniel m’a montré pour quelle raison ce quartier est notamment connu: les grafittis. On les voit partout et beaucoup sont très impressionants! Mon préféré de ces trois-ci est celui avec les abeilles et le cœur de miel avec MCR (abréviation pour Manchester). Il commémore les victimes de l’attaque au concert de Ariana Grande en 2017  😔 Chaque abeille (symbole de Manchester) représente une des victimes… 🐝 

EN | In the evening I was really excited to go to the theatre to see Macbeth by William Shakespeare interpreted by  National Theatre at the Lowry in the MediaCityUK, southwest Manchester. Actually this theatre is really close to the stadium of Manchester United, the Old Trafford. Before the play, I had dinner at the theatre’s restaurant called Pier8. DE-LI-CIOUS! The play was incredible and I can really recommend to everyone to see a play by NationalTheatre! 🎭

FR | Le soir j’avais la chance de pouvoir aller au théatre! La pièce, c’était Macbeth de William Shakespeare interpretée par National Theatre au théatre Lowry dans la MediaCityUK, sud-ouest de Manchester. A propos, ce théatre n’est pas du tout loin du stade du Manchester United, le Old Trafford. Avant que la pièce commençait, j’ai dîné au restaurant du théâtre qui s’appelle  Pier8. DE-LI-CIEUX! La pièce était incroyable et je peux vraiment vous recommander d’aller voir une des pièces interprétées par NationalTheatre! 🎭


🚃 MediaCityUK (Metrolink line/ligne 3 & 7 )



EN | In Manchester there is a free bus service with which you can get around easily in Manchester with out paying anything! Find out more here.

FR | A Manchester il y a des bus gratuits avec lesquelles c’est vraiment de facile de se déplacer dans la ville et ne rien devoir payer! Trouvez plus d’informations ici.


EN | When I was in Manchester I was really surprised that often I had to pay nothing for entering sights. For example for both of the libraries the entry is free and everybody can come in! So cool!

FR | Quand j’étais à Manchester, j’étais surpris que je n’étais pas du tout obligé de payer pour entrer sur des sites touristiques. Par exemple l’entrée pour les deux bibliothèque ne coûte rien du tout! Vraiment cool!


EN | The worker bee is the symbol of the city of Manchester. It refers back to the Industrial Revolution and in the beginning of this article I told you that Manchester is known for being the first Industrial city in the world. Traditionally the bee symbolises the energy of the city and a sense of community (you know because bees do not live alone 😉). The bee can be found practically everywhere in Manchester, such as in the streets or on many public buildings. It is also included in the coat of arms of the city. ☺️

FR | L’abeille est le symbole de la ville de Manchester. C’est relié avec le passé de la ville et la Révolution Industrielle. Au début de mon article je vous ai raconté que Manchester est considéré comme la première ville industrielle au monde. Traditionnellement l’abeille symbolise l’énergie et le sense de la communauté (vous savez que les abeilles habitent toujours ensemble 😉). L’abeille peut-être trouvée partout dans la ville de Manchester, comme dans la rue ou sur des bâtiments publics. Les abeilles sont également représenté sur l’emblème de la ville. ☺️ 

LogoDISCLAIMER: Thank you really much to VisitManchester  (Advertisement*) for making this trip possible! Thank you to the Midland Hotel for their kind hospitality!  But I would like to mention here that I wrote this article on my own and all opinions remain my own.
Merci beaucoup à VisitManchester (Partenariat*) pour ce voyage à Manchester! Merci également au Midland Hotel pour cet accueil formidable!  Pourtant je voudrais bien souligner que c’est moi-même qui a écrit cet article et qu’il est basé sur mes points de vue. 


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